Monet "Water Lilies" Inspired Heart
Monet "Water Lilies" Inspired Heart
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Monet "Water Lilies" Inspired Heart

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A few more stunning Monet "Water Lilies" inspired hearts. Select the style you would like to order from the numbered photo.  

When I’m in a creative winter funk, one strategy I use is to just go look at art. A few weeks ago, we stumbled into the Nelson Atkins Museum and were able to see the new exhibit of Monet’s Waterlilies. They have moved this incredible piece out of the main gallery, and into a solitary space where it is now an immersive experience of light and sound. The painting hangs alone and the lighting shifts from sunrise with coordinating sounds of robins and cardinals to midday light, and then to the evening sunset with crickets and croaking frogs, and finally to the dark of night. But as this happens the painting actually changes, the eye is able to focus on underlying colors and you are able to see things in muted light that you can’t see in bright light. ⠀

All in all, it was an incredible experience- I came home and immediately worked on some painting techniques with the glass. I’m so excited to explore this technique in the coming month 💙

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